Credit Clean Up: Paying Off Debt

Cleaning up your credit can seem a little daunting and overwhelming when you are first looking for a way out from under your debt. Before embarking on your journey of debt recovery there are some things you need to know to make the process easier and more successful. One of the key ways to cleaning up your credit is paying off your debt. A debt pay off plan is the best way to start working toward a future without debt. There are a few steps toward forming a debt pay off plan that can make the process a good one. Those steps are as follows and should be considered when putting together your pay off plan.

Step 1: The first things you need to do are a get a grasp on your level of debt and face it head on. You need to order and print them out. They can be ordered on the Equifax and other credit reporting agency web sites and then you can print them out. The reason printing them is the best way to handle it, is because you can then spread everything out in front of you and get a good look at the items on there. Also, pull all your recent statements and bills and put them on the table or work surface with your credit reports. If you are more about computers, then use Excel to create the following list and them formulate a cell for a grand total at the bottom or top of the list. The list should include the creditor, creditor contact information, due date, monthly payment, interest rate and current balance. Cross check the information you pull from your bill pile with that from your credit reports to make sure there are no doubles and that the information is the most up to date as possible.

Step 2: Next you need to highlight or star the accounts with the highest balances (top five) and the highest interest rates. These are your most detrimental accounts. These are the accounts you want to focus your extra money and attention on. Keep in mind though that you still need to pay the minimums on your other accounts while you are concentrating on the larger accounts one at a time. This will keep you from defaulting further and getting more into trouble.

Step 3: You should always attempt to negotiate and pay off companies if you have the resources to do so. If you have access to a lump sum or have close to the balance of any of the accounts, then you need to get on the phone and negotiate down the debt with them and offer them a settlement. This can get rid of a debt quickly while still saving you money. If some of your creditors are unwilling to budge on the balance than ask for a lower interest rate.

These are all ways to help you find the best way to pay off your debt and when used together can have the best success in forming a debt pay off plan that you can stick with and will find success with. Paying off debt is a big task and it will take tenacity and strive to see it through to the end, but when you get there the push and drive will be replaced by pride and relief and hopefully a renewed sense of respect for credit and the money you make.

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