Debt Consolidation to Raise Your Credit Score

Debt consolidation is a form of debt management that can allow you to get out from under your debt by obtaining one loan and using that loan to pay off existing debt which leaves you with one monthly payment and interest rate to worry about. This process also can offer instant relief from harassing phone calls and letters and bring a sense of relief to your whole household. Before entering into debt consolidation it’s important to get a solid grasp on your level of debt, by making a list and placing the total in large numbers at the top of the list.

You also need to take the time to research debt consolidation companies and loans to make sure you are working with someone who is going to help you, not take advantage of you. There are many fly-by-night debt consolidation companies out there that could leave you worse off than when you started which will obviously make your credit worse, not better.

So, how can debt consolidation help you raise your credit score? When you take out a debt consolidation loan you have the opportunity to work with your current creditors to settle and pay off the existing balance.
The smartest thing to do is to try debt negotiation with your creditors first to talk them down to a settlement amount that is lower than your current balance and this will help your need for a debt consolidation loan be smaller and therefore quicker and easier to pay off. When you reach an agreement the debt consolidation loan allows you to pay them in full and you are done with that particular debt. Once this happens the account is considered current and paid. If you have been default on it then it would have said how many days and the status of the account on your credit report. By changing the status to paid, you are helping to erase the negative marks the accounts have had on your report and score. It will take a little time for this paid status to show up and for it to be reflected in your credit score, but for each additional account you are able to pay the better it will reflect on your credit.

The debt consolidation loan itself will also be on your credit report and reflect in your credit score, as with all new accounts up till this point, it’s up to you to keep the account current, paid and on time. This is an opportunity to start over and find a way to form better spending, paying and other financial habits to prevent getting yourself into the same situation you were in before in needing the debt consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation loans can be the difference between bankruptcy and a brighter financial future for many people and families, they offer a way out from under financial debt and crisis while still keeping their financial history intact to save the good stuff. Debt consolidation also offers a way to start over and relearn how to handle credit and therefore go on to build better credit in the future which will all reflect positively through your credit score. Take the time to learn about debt consolidation and how it can help raise your credit score if you are looking for a way out of debt without having to consider bankruptcy, defaults and other drastic financial measures. The time is now for you to take the first steps toward your financial freedom and away from the past mistakes and debts you’ve incurred. With a solid debt consolidation company, the right debt consolidation counselor and some hard work on your part a brighter financial future can be only a few months away. Take advantage of the other services offered by your debt counselor to fully become aware of the possibilities good credit and a high credit score can offer.

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