Decision Finance

Decision Finance was formed in early 2000 and is the trading name for Xbridge limited an online commercial, business, and financial intermediary for small to medium sized businesses.

DF has the backing of Prudential PLC, Boston Consulting Group and Linklaters and Alliance, so you can be sure that with Decision Finance loans, you are being protected by some of the leading names in the financial industry. Over the years, as the needs of customers have grown, so has Decision Finance by offering ever increasing services to those in the small and medium business size brackets. Finding financial services on smaller scales can be difficult or worse, highly expensive, making them virtually impossible to afford for companies without a large profit margin. Decision Finance offers just about every type of financial service and insurance a growing business needs. This article provides an overview of the services they offer.

When it comes to business, having insurance is a necessary business expense. There are a number of options available for business owners. These insurances include public liability, landlord, professional indemnity, employer liability and wehicle insurance.

Decision finance loans are also available in both business and personal. There is a Decision finance loan for buy to let, and commercial options. If you are looking for a secured or unsecured personal loan, then Decision finance loans are also available. DF also offers lines of credit in the forms of credit cards if you need less than the Decision finance loan options available. Many business or personal loans have a set minimum limit: anything below that amount they will usually offer a credit card to provide the necessary loan.

Secured loans offered by Decision finance are loans where some form of collateral is required to be attached to the loan. This means that your property could be secured against the loan amount so that the lender would be able to reclaim any money owed if you default on your repayments. Decision Finance also offer unsecured loans which do not require collateral as security… however they will usually have higher interest rates and stricter guidelines.

If you are looking into options for a business rather than personal loan, Decision Finance loan options are open as well with commercial mortgages and buy to let options. Speaking with a representative of Decision Finance directly will provide you with more information on the details of these types of loans. If you are running a small business, it is usually more cost effective to try to get a buy to let mortgage which allows renting with the eventual purchase of a particluar property while a medium sized business may look into full-blown commercial mortgages in order to purchase space.

Which ever option you choose and whatever you are looking for Decision finance has options that can help you with your business needs. Remember though that Decision Finance also offers insurance as well as loans for both business and personal use as well as credit card services for those in need access to lower credit amounts.

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