Investing Money While In College – It’s Never Too Early

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Investing Money While In College – It’s Never Too Early To Start

Investing money while in college

Investing money while in college is not something that most people think about. Should you really start investing your money this early? Heres the short answer: it is never too early to start investing money.

As George Clason stated in the richest man in Babylon, the best way to become wealthy is to always take 10% of your income out immediately and put it somewhere where your money will work for you. Certainly, this applies to college students as well.

Even if you make very little money, and therefore dont have much cash built up to invest, by investing money while in college you will at least start to learn the ropes so that when you have some serious money, you will know exactly what to do with it. here are some investing tips to help you bypass the mistakes most investors make, and to help you on the road to financial freedom very quickly.

First of all, heres something you need to know before you start investing money in college: you should always invest in well run companies that have exhibited a long profitable history. Most investors make the mistake of thinking that the big money is made with the smaller, more volatile stocks that nobodys heard of. While some investors have certainly made a fortune with these riskier investments, by far the majority either lose money or barely break even.

Next, always stick with a company that you understand, so that you can tell how profitable they are and how good their future outlook is. This is an important strategy employed by Warren Buffet and other top investors, and it is largely responsible for their success. Consider this: if you are investing in a company that you dont understand, how will you ever be able to predict their future earnings potential.

For instance, if you are an avid golfer, then you will easily be able to predict how well a golf company is doing. For instance, if you play with 5 straight people who all hit Titleist drivers, and all your friends use them, you can figure that Titleist is probably making some good money.

In fact, Peter Lynch, a very successful mutual fund manager for a long time, said that one of the easiest ways to find out a good place to invest in is to go to the mall and see which stores many people are visiting. If a store is popular, you can bet they are making some serious profits.

No matter what, always remember that investing in money while in college can never hurt you, and can in fact give you some invaluable experience for when you get older. Follow these tips, and you will be well on your way to achieving financial freedom at a very young age.

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